About The March

History of the Redcliffe March

The Moreton Bay Says No To Violence annual march originated with annual events associated to White Ribbon Day events.

Over time the importance around advocacy and awareness in the region has grown. Appropriately, so has the support for the local event. 

The working committee supporting and organising the events could see it needed to become its own separate event, and in 2019 the Moreton Bay Says No To Violence Committee began.


 Only community march

The Moreton Bay Says No To Violence annual march is the only one of its kind in Queensland, Australia. The event is held on the last Friday in May to coincide with Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month in Queensland.

Why march? 

The annual Redcliffe march provides an opportunity for members of our community to stand up. Organisations, providers, businesses, schools, community leaders, and residents come together to advocate, educate and lead conversation in the broader community. Community gathering in a shared voice to ‘say no to violence’ is key to showing support to those experiencing violence, and acknowledging how we’ll change the landscape of offending within our community. 

Meet The Committee

The Moreton Bay Says No To Violence (MBSN2V) Steering Committee was started in 2019 by Encircle CEO, Chris Staines.

In addition to the names or images published in association with the MBSN2V Committee, there are several Committee Members whose names and images are withheld for security purposes.

Robyn Rose: Encircle Counselling and Families Manager

Renee Bull: Encircle Counselling and Families Coordinator

Senior Sergeant, Andrew Himstedt: Officer in Charge Moreton District Domestic & Family Violence & Vulnerable Persons Unit (QPS)

Danica Bosworth: District Manager, Redcliffe Community Corrections (QCC)

Holly Brennan: CEO – CADA (Centre Against Domestic Abuse) 

Reverend Paul Clark: Redcliffe Uniting Church

Marie Stewart: Zonta Club of Redcliffe Representative

Kerri-Anne Dooley: Local Business Representative

Kirsty Fields: Local Business Representative 

Andrew Taukolo: DFV Prevention Council

Tracy Roser: Relationships Australia

Kika McIntyre: Encircle – DV Awareness Month Project Worker

Tanya King: Encircle – Marketing and Communications  


This Year

In recent years, the Committee have invited key business representatives from the local business community to join the Committee with Strategic Direction, Promotions, Stakeholder Coordination and working with Local, State and other Government Agencies.

Thank You to Our

Partners & Sponsors

Moreton bay regional council
Moreton bay regional council

Don’t be silent.

Raise your voice against violence.

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